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MIDDAY MAGA 7/27/2017 – MAGA Wars II: The Trumpire Strikes Back

Happy Thursday pedes! /u/richmomz here to welcome you to this afternoon’s MAGA thread! There have been a LOT of happenings in the last 24 hrs. The TL;DR: of it is basically this: Operation Drano is a GO. The swamp’s sewer drain is backed up and it’s time for that clog to get BTFO! House judiciary committee is launching investigations into Comey and Lynch’s conduct during the 2016 election Scaramucci is telling the GOP establishment cucks they’ve had six months to get their shit together, and now he’s cleaning house. Imran…

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Facebook shares surge as results quash fears of slowing growth

July 27, 2017 By Sweta Singh and Sruthi Ramakrishnan (Reuters) – Shares of Facebook Inc touched a record high on Thursday on the back of overwhelmingly positive quarterly results, adding more than $27 billion to its market value. The world’s biggest online social network posted a 71 percent surge in second-quarter profit and a 50 percent jump in mobile ad sales, allaying investor concerns that ad revenue growth was peaking as it runs out of space to display ads. Shares rose 6 percent to $175 in early trading, adding gains…

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