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‘Alien: Covenant’ slides past ‘Guardians 2’ to win weekend with $36 million

May 21, 2017 By Seth Kelley LOS ANGELES ( – As this weekend approached, the question lingered if “Alien: Covenant” would be able to unseat “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” from the top spot at the domestic box office. Now, we have an answer. As of Sunday morning, “Covenant,” from 20th Century Fox and Scott Free Productions, looks to be the winner with a three-day estimate of $36 million (27.6 million pounds) from 3,761 locations. That’s just above Disney’s “Guardians” sequel which is raking in an additional $35.3 million…

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‘Alien’ director Ridley Scott ‘heads for wider universe’ in latest installment

May 6, 2017 LONDON (Reuters) – Ridley Scott, the English director of three of the sci-fi horror “Alien” films, says he is heading into a wider universe with the latest in the series: “Alien:Covenant.” The franchise has produced nearly 40 years of sequels and prequels, numerous books, toys and video games. The 2012 prequel “Prometheus” marked Scott’s return to the story, 33 years after the original. “Alien:Covenant”, the sixth installment, is set 10 years after Prometheus with a colony ship headed to a remote planet with a sinister inhabitant. “I…

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