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Nicole Kidman tells Cannes her rebel spirit pushes her to strange films

May 22, 2017 By Robin Pomeroy CANNES, France (Reuters) – For an A-list star who, as she says herself, does not have to work, Nicole Kidman has been pretty busy ahead of Cannes, appearing in three movies and a TV series screening at the film festival. “I don’t have to work. I work because it’s still my passion, it’s the way in which I express myself,” she told a news conference after the screening of “The Killing of a Sacred Deer”, one of two Kidman movies competing for the Palme…

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Bourgeois art world skewered in Cannes movie ‘The Square’

May 20, 2017 By Robin Pomeroy CANNES, France (Reuters) – A sumptuous Stockholm museum filled with grotesquely pretentious conceptual art is at the center of “The Square”, a Palme d’Or nominee at Cannes which switches between surrealism, comedy of manners, thriller and social commentary. As the museum’s handsome and successful but flawed curator searches for his stolen mobile phone, the story goes off into wild directions that even the director admitted he struggled to make gel. The film’s highlight is a dinner for the museum’s well-to-do patrons where a performance…

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Hashtag facepalm: Emoji Movie star makes inelegant splash at Cannes

May 16, 2017 By Yiming Woo CANNES, France (Reuters) – It’s an annual staple at Cannes: a brash American movie stages a publicity stunt ahead of the film festival. But for the star of “The Emoji Movie”, things did not quite go as planned. Parasailing onto a speedboat off the beach, actor T.J. Miller made a safe landing, only then to fall into the sea and perform the rest of the media event soaked. “I think it’s perfect, it’s so funny. It’s exactly what I should be doing here at…

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